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Get actions for Photoshop which allows you to instantly turn your photos into stylized vintage pics. Imagine photos shot in 1920-1930 years ambrotype, which is colorized by hand in photo shop, then made postcards for the holidays, you probably saw. The old photos have their own charm, it is surrounded by some atmosphere there is in our soul a special feeling.

Attention! The effect is applied to a color photo, not black and white!

Just imagine what you can create vintage effects, to make the color accents in the photo to delight and amaze your family or clients. The effect of black and white photos in these actions is created taking into account color distortion vintage cameras, so the faces in the photo become exactly the kind of looked like people in the early 20th century. Slightly inaccurate getting paint on photo is very similar simulates the brush of the Retoucher, gives the impression of hand colorize.

Look how it's easy and fun:


  • Colorized Old Photo Actions:
  • Make Old BW
  • Add All Tones
  • Add Skin Tones
  • Add More Skin Tones
  • Add Blue Tones
  • Add Cian Tones
  • Add Green Tones
  • Add Yellow Tones
  • Add Red Tones
  • Add Magenta Tones
  • Add Pink Tones
  • Custom Colorization
  • Add Warm Photo Filter
  • Smart Layer Mockups:
  • Vintage Postcard Mockup Landscape.psd
  • Vintage Postcard Mockup Portrait.psd
  • Step-By-Step User Guide.pdf

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