Greenizer & 100 Summer Overlays

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Summer is a season for outside photo sessions, usually in the countryside - pure green forests or beautiful fields, or city parks. As a result we have an enormous amount of green tints on our photographs.

Greenizer can help you to diversify this color and even professionally change it to another. In addition there are 100 summer overlays to this project, they allow you to create the sun, sunbeams, sundust and sun bokeh in your photo. So you can easily add summer mood to your images.

Video presentation:

☆ Greenizer & 100 Summer Overlays description ☆

Overlays Features:

  • Pixel dimensions 5760x3840
  • 300 dpi
  • Summer Bokeh - 30 overlays
  • Sun Beams - 20 overlays
  • Sun - 20 overlays
  • Dust - 10 overlays
  • Sun and Dust - 10 overlays
  • Sunlight - 10 overlays


  • Summer Overlays support all software which support blending modes 'Screen' or 'Add'

Panel features:

  • Professional change of green color in automatic and manual modes
  • Greens Replacer - allows you to change green color
  • Easy change of saturation and brightness of natural green
  • 10 color presets allowing to diversify green tints
  • 60 color tints
  • Randomizer for randomly replaces natural green to another tint
  • Overlays management and set-up
  • Quick switch in two blend modes
  • Automatically connect: hue, saturation and contrast
  • 6 Shift-keys Modifiers
  • Fast run by hotkey and easy installation
  • Tutorials video are included (how install and how use this overlays and panel)


  • Panel support Photoshop CS5.0 CS5.5, CS6, CC, CC2014, CC2015+, CC2017 and above
  • Support all languages
  • Support Mac and Windows

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