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The Ultimate Retouch Panel (version 3.5) has been developing for two years. This is not the last update, because there's more and more new retouch tools and techniques. After the version 2.0 I started to listen to my clients (both photograghers and retouchers). They gave me many ideas of what to add to the panel from their points of view.

So the Ultimate Retouch Panel is a product of not the developer only, but of many people from all over the world also. This fact makes the product unique, relevant and very flexible. At the moment there are more than 200 useful functions of the panel. It can become an essential part of your work flow and keeps you away from boring technical Photoshop settings and gives you more time to focus on your work.

See the short demo (full demo in Video Tutorials.pdf):

☆ Ultimate Retouch 3.5 description ☆


  • Panel available for Photoshop CC2017, CC2015.5 CC2015, CC2014, CS6, CS5.5, CS5.0
  • Support all languages
  • Support Mac and Windows

Ultimate Retouch Tutorials:

  • PDF file with 18 tutorials videos explaining how to use panel and how to use retouching techniques in your work
  • 26-page Instruction PDF with full and detailed description how to use all functions of panel and retouching techniques

Ultimate Retouch Features:

  • 200 functions in one panel
  • 7 unique blocks for retouch
  • 2 methods of Fast Retouch
  • 20 custom buttons for your personal actions
  • Frequency Separation 8 and 16 bits
  • Immediate switch on and off of visual texture boost
  • Frequency Separation by a plugin Portraiture
  • Fast retouch
  • Color Correction block with 30 presets
  • 4 methods of technique Dodge & Burn
  • 3 help layers to capture the flaws and irregularities
  • Dual Vision for easy managing of Dodge & Burn
  • Work whith RGB channels and masks
  • Local and global High Pass Sharp
  • Based on scripts for fast work
  • A special algorithm to save photos to social networks
  • Dynamic opacity and vignette
  • Multi tint effect

6 styles of color correction:

  • Fashion
  • Vintage
  • Candy
  • Matte
  • HDR
  • Black and White
  • A possibility to mix the styles

30 tools for local retouching:

  • HDR Kit for simulating an HDR effect
  • Anti-Highlights
  • Volume
  • Volume HRLA
  • Manual HRLA
  • Tan Skin
  • Remove Pores
  • Skintone Gradient map
  • Skin Pigment
  • Noise texture
  • Manual noise texture
  • Iris Enhancer
  • White Teeth
  • Multifunctional tool 10 in 1: Eyes Tool
  • Multifunctional tool 5 in 1: Face Lips

4 types of curves:

  • Contrast
  • Matte
  • 3 points
  • 4 points

Bonus 1:

Panel retouching tools - small panel with retouching tools, which you can place anywere on your screen

Bonus 2:

Visual map of retouch process - detailed map of imperfections, which should be fixed by retoucher.

Bonus 3:

Panel Blendit - which allows you to quickly switch blending modes

Package included:

  • 26-page Instruction PDF-guide with full and detailed description how to use the panel
  • Detailed Installation PDF-guide with links on tutorial video
  • Video Tutorials PDF-guide with 18 links on tutorial video
  • Ultimate Retouch ZXP file
  • Panel Retouching tools ZXP file
  • Panel Blendit ZXP file
  • Visual map of retouch process (jpeg and txt)

Technical support:

If you have problems with the panel installation we can help you remotely via Team Viewer or E-mail.

Photographer: Big thanks to Kate Miller for some photos


  • Panel available for Photoshop CC2017, CC2015.5 CC2015, CC2014, CS6, CS5.5, CS5.0
  • Support all languages
  • Support Mac and Windows

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